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Millions of concussions occur yearly in sports and recreation related activities. While most of these injuries resolve without complication within a few weeks, it can take months or longer for an athlete to fully recover.  Time and patience are essential, but there are other steps that can be taken to promote a healthy recovery. 

Baseline Testing
Computerized neurocognitive testing has become a cornerstone of concussion management. When used properly, it can contribute important information about an athlete's injury and healing process. An important component is the baseline test.  With a baseline, healthcare providers may be better able to determine whether that particular athlete has had a change in their thinking abilities. However, decisions about return to play should not be based solely on the results of neurocognitive testing, but in the context of a thorough workup.

Access to Qualified Professionals
Concussions are serious injuries that should be treated by healthcare providers who are experienced with their management. Through our relationship with the four major healthcare systems in the greater Sacramento Valley we aim to provide updated contact information for local concussion programs.*  

A program is only as good as the support the participants receive during their participation. We are available to answer questions, solve problems, and assist in concussion program development and policy making throughout a team's tenure with us.

Parents, athletes, and coaches all must know how to identify the signs and symptoms of a concussion and what to do if they suspect an athlete has had a concussion. Teams that participate in our program are offered education training programs.

*Disclaimer: MindGame does not provide healthcare services.  Athletes are able to seek healthcare after a concussion from the healthcare provider of their choice and do not have to see a provider from the list we provide.  We maintain information about local providers but do not endorse their services.  Please contact Wells Fargo for more information about limitations of Play It Safe.

Concussions are serious and can have devastating consequences.