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Parent and Athlete Information


Children and teenagers are more likely to get a concussion and take longer to recover than adults.

Concussions occur in all sports, not just football. And girls are just as likely, if not more so, than boys to have a concussion. In fact, girls are actually at higher risk for concussion than boys playing a sport with the same rules.

Repeat Injuries
A concussion is a brain injury. Although you cannot see it, it is the same as injuring another part of the body like the arm or leg.  During the healing process, the brain is even more vulnerable to a second injury. Even a minor bump to the head which would not have caused a concussion before, could have devastating consequences. Repeat concussions in young athletes can result in brain swelling causing permanent damage and, in rare cases, death.  

Delayed Recovery
​Most concussions resolve completely if they are managed correctly. However, doing too much too soon and not having a proper recovery plan can delay recovery.

Only a healthcare provider can diagnose a concussion
​Studies show that most concussions go unreported because the athlete did not think the injury was serious enough to report.  Only a qualified healthcare professional experienced with concussion assessment can determine whether an athlete has had a concussion.